Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Google Photos now allows users to manual face tagging

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Even though Google Photos already has an excellent automatic face recognition tagging feature, many users still want Google Photos to provide the ability to manually tag the identified face information. Now Google has finally responded to the feedback from these users, who have added face tagging capabilities to Google Photos.

First of all, please note that even with this feature, it will not allow you to mark any faces in the picture. Whether the face in the photo is recognized still depends on Google ’s own algorithm. Only after Google Photos recognizes the face image, you can edit, name or add new tags.

Google Photos
Google [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Here’s how to use manual face tagging feature:

Open a photo containing your face, then swipe up to bring up the options menu and see the “People” option. If Google Photos has detected the face in the photo, you can see the thumbnail of that face here. If you want to edit the information on this face, you can click the edit icon (pen) on the right to edit the chart. You can also tag faces that are not tagged by Google Photos.

This feature is currently available on Google Photos v4.32.1. If you are using this version, you can see this feature. If you have not found this feature, it will appear in a few days. Currently, Google Photos is still Push the feature in batches.

Via: androidpolice