Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Players complain about the low frame rate of the Google cloud game platform STADIA

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Google has now launched a beta version of its own cloud gaming platform STADIA, but as expected, these cloud gaming platforms have a few problems at the beginning. For example, in terms of compatibility and game control, and network latency, cloud games look great, but they still need to be optimized in actual operation. Google has previously promised that all games will support 4K 60FPS transmission. However, many players have tested the game and found that the actual results have not reached their promises.


Despite Google ’s promise when launching the cloud gaming platform, players have actually found that the frame rate of most games is not satisfactory. We know that the game frame rate directly affects the smoothness and experience of the game. Therefore, Google attracts many users to use cloud games through the game frame rate. Many players complain that the actual running effect of the game is far from the effect promised by Google, which also causes great damage to the game experience that many players expect.

Google issued a statement in response to the above dispute, saying that the game frame rate needs to integrate multiple factors, such as graphics cards, networks, codecs, and signal transmission systems. Developers will strive to optimize the game to achieve the best gaming experience, and Google provides a variety of different development tools for these game developers. Google claims that the company releases development guidelines and development tools for game developers to use, and developers can use these tools to get better frame rates for games. At the same time, the company also hopes that game developers can continue to improve the game. In short, Google directly throws the frame rate issue to the game developers. Google believes that the game is hosted in a data center but the company cannot directly intervene in game development, so users with problems in all aspects of the game should go directly to the developer.

Via: 9to5google