Google Pays Publishers to Test Cutting-Edge AI Platform

As part of Google’s News Initiative launched in 2018, Google has recently seemed to embark on collaborations with certain content publishers, enabling them to create content through Google-provided, automated artificial intelligence tools.

Reports suggest that Google is collaborating with content publishers to create content using automated artificial intelligence tools, thereby reducing labor costs by approximately tens of thousands of dollars annually.

This collaboration reportedly prioritizes smaller content publishers with fewer resources, allowing them to compile various types of content through artificial intelligence and present it through rewritten articles. This initiative is aimed at reducing labor costs by tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Google has not provided detailed comments on these rumors but stated that this collaboration with small content publishers is only in its early stages. The main goal is to enable publishers to complete content publication more swiftly. Given the current situation where most content publishers face limited budgets and a lack of manpower, Google’s collaboration is expected to attract more publishers to join.

Reports indicate that under this collaboration agreement, the participating content publishers are required to publish three articles daily using Google’s tools for at least a year. They must also publish one current event report weekly and engage in at least one content marketing activity monthly. Additionally, they must share tool usage data and feedback with Google to help improve the related technologies.

However, content publishers are not obliged to publicly disclose that the content was generated using artificial intelligence technology. Content generated through artificial intelligence technology will be marked with colors to indicate the reliability of the source, assisting human editors in reviewing the content before its official publication.