Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Google is developing the “media history” feature in Chrome

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Google has been developing media (audio, video) related functions for Chrome recently, such as the global media control released recently.

In addition, Google also added a “picture-in-picture function” for Chrome. When you play a video, you can click the media button located on the upper right. You can click this button to watch what you are playing while browsing another tab.

Qualcomm Google Chrome ARM

More than this, the developers of the XDA forum today discovered a new feature “media history” developed by Google for Chrome, which can record all the media content you play in the Chrome browser. Currently, this function is submitted as “Basic Web UI”, the data collected by this function may be merged into “History.”

Like “History”, the data of “Media History” can certainly be deleted. “As with the browser history, the feature will give you to option to delete media URLs from media history and it will do so automatically when you delete an item from the Chrome History.

According to the code information submitted by Google, this function can not only store the link of the accessed media video but also store the “watched time” data, support the incognito mode without recording data and other functions.