Google introduces new mechanisms for embedding web content in Android apps

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On Monday, at the Chrome Developer Summit in San Francisco, Calif., Google introduced a new mechanism for embedding web content in Android applications.

At the meeting, Google introduced to the public will launch a Chrome called “Trusted Web Activity” mechanism, which allows developers through Google Digital Asset Links, in the absence of the use of embedded browser package, in the Android application for the It provides content from trusted sites.

As a result, you can see that the Trusted Web Activity provides an alternative to the assets that the Android WebView API displays calls. Google said that this feature will soon be available on the Chrome development version to the public, and not only Chrome exclusive, other browsers will eventually be able to through the Android support library API to integrate these things together. Do not feel that? Do you think you can get a more attractive app experience while leaving the browser?

A Google spokesperson said the final implementation could include the need to enhance the quality of the app, and the content embedded through the Trusted Web Activity requires the support of the service staff to ensure that the content can always be loaded.

In addition, Google has introduced a new authentication mechanism, called a one-button registration and login (One-Tap Sign-Up and Sign-In), which is a way to create an account and through a key to log on to the site. The mechanism uses a token to bind to a Google Account without the need for a password or Facebook login.

Reference: theregister

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