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Visual Studio 2017 15.5 official released

Visual Studio 2017 still maintained a fast iterative development pace, yesterday released a second preview version of Visual Studio 2017 15.5. Some of the features introduced for the first preview were polished to solve some of the problems reported by the user and the product was improved.


The solution load time for large C # and Visual Basic projects is almost halved. Switching between debug and release significantly reduced. It is faster to add, delete, and rename files and folders in a .NET Core project. Project templates should now unfold faster than before, and in the most special case, up to 40 times more improvements can be seen.

F # tools also have several performance improvements. Under the Project Options page in the JavaScript / TypeScript text editor, the “Only analyze items contained in an open file in editor” checkbox has been added. This option will improve the performance and reliability of large solutions. Note that when this box is checked, you will need to implement a solution to see a complete list of TypeScript errors in all files.


The Visual Studio Debugger gained more functionality by adding step-back debugging (also known as history debugging) for backward debugging. Back-up debugging automatically creates a snapshot of your application at each breakpoint and debugger step you perform, enabling you to return to the previous breakpoint to see its status.

Docker and continuous deployment

Docker containers now support multi-level Docker files. Continuous Delivery Features Visual Studio Team Services can be easily configured to set the CDs for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects to Azure App Service.

Private management

Visual Studio adds features to help identify and manage database connection strings and Web service keys, and more.


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