Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Google hopes to acquire competitors of TikTok

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According to the latest news from the Wall Street Journal, Google hopes to acquire competitors who have shaken the leader in the short video field and compete with the vibrato in the short video field. At present, Google is considering the acquisition of FireWork, a short video application. This application mainly allows users to shoot and publish about 30 seconds of video. FireWork has a good evaluation in both the Apple and Google App Store.

Google Play sharing

Google is currently negotiating cooperation with FireWork in private. In fact, in addition to trying to acquire directly, Google is still exploring more different ways of cooperation. For Google, the company already has the world’s largest streaming video site, and it is, of course, necessary to continue to lead in the short video space. Google has been hoping to enter the social network space for years, but Google has been continually failing, but the company also hopes to enter the social network space through short video applications.

However, the Wall Street Journal said that the current negotiations between Google and FireWork did not discuss prices at the initial stage, but the latter’s valuation seems to be around $100 million.