Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Users have suggested Microsoft bring the Windows 10X new start menu to the Windows 10 standard version

1 min read

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10X earlier this week as its new platform for dual-screen and foldable devices. The new “Start” menu and the “Start” button combination have surprised many people.

Although people familiar with the matter said earlier this year that the simplified “start” menu might be available on Windows 10, however, Microsoft did not comment on it. Those who like the new design hope that Microsoft will do this as soon as possible.

Users have called on Microsoft to bring the “Start” button in Windows 10X to the full Windows 10. This idea is becoming more popular in the Reddia message board and the “Feedback Center”, but Microsoft has not responded to this suggestion. Although the software giant remains cautious about the possibility of offering Windows 10X start buttons/menu on the standard version of Windows 10, it is believed that in the next few years this goodwill will happen. To achieve greater consistency, Windows 10X is built on Windows 10-based features.