Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Google Chrome is ready for Windows 10 ARM but has not yet released plans

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Microsoft has previously partnered with Qualcomm to launch out-of-the-box laptops with Windows 10 on ARM special editions and tablets with touch screens. This type of equipment mainly uses Snapdragon series processors or 8CX series processors provided by Qualcomm, and cannot run ordinary desktop programs directly due to architectural problems. So Microsoft built the x86 emulator to help users run 32-bit applications, but this simulator’s premise experience is so poor that many users are not interested in it.

Chromium for Windows ARM

In view of this, Microsoft and Qualcomm have already communicated with Firefox and Google, which is to develop a special version of the browser for ARM architecture to improve the user experience. The Firefox browser has developed relatively fast. It has already released the ARM beta, but Firefox has not yet decided to release the official version of the migration. Although Google Chrome has not been very active, it has already completed development, but Google Chrome has not announced any test plans or official release plans.

Via: Neowin