Google Docs adds contrast to compare content differences between the two documents

Google Docs Compare Documents

The Google team just announced in the blog that Google’s online document service’s new file comparison feature can be used to compare the differences between two different files. This feature is ideal for comparing documents with more content, such as looking for revisions and differences between different versions of a document.

Google also said in the blog that this comparison function can also be used when writing a thesis, in order to compare the differences between the different versions of the paper to select the best content.

Of course, these features are part of the G-Suite, so file comparisons are only available to paid companies or educational institutions.

  • To compare Docs:
    • Open any Google Doc — this will become your ‘base’ document.
    • From the toolbar, select Tools > Compare Documents
      • In the dialogue, click on Choose document to select the second Google Doc to compare against.
      • In the “Attribute differences to field”, enter the name of the user who will be labelled as the author of the suggested edits in the comparison output file.
    • Select Compare.