Google Cloud game service Stadia is online

Google officially launched the cloud game service Stadia in 14 countries on Tuesday. However, in the eyes of the industry, the business model of this type of game is still in doubt. The Stadia service has a total of 22 games, including popular games such as Tomb Raider, Wilderness, and Destiny. The Google Stadia Pro subscription service costs $9.99 a month. Players can through a smartphone, tablet, computer or TV to play games on the Stadia. With the large data centers of the search giant, Stadia will provide players with a high-speed, quality-quality gaming console experience.


Google’s online cloud gaming service will be earlier than Microsoft. Many game industry people have predicted that Amazon will enter the market with the advantages of AWS cloud computing services and Twitch. Twitch allows players to share their own gaming experience. But so far, there is almost no indication that Amazon is about to launch a game service.

Analysts say that in order to win the support of consumers and developers, Google and Microsoft need to fight a costly and protracted war.

Via: CNN