How to download Windows 10 version 1909 iso image from Microsoft

If the user needs to download the image file, it can also be downloaded through Microsoft’s official website. Microsoft has no speed limit and can directly reach the user’s broadband maximum speed. At the same time, the media creation tools provided by Microsoft can also achieve the same purpose, so there are many ways to quickly download the latest version of Windows 10 image.

The media creation tool can automatically download the latest version of the image and even help the user to burn to the USB flash drive. You can use the burned USB flash drive to directly install the new system. At the same time, the image file downloaded by the tool can also be stored separately for later use. If you need to upgrade, you only need to mount the image file to run the installer. However, the media creation tool needs to be downloaded and executed on the Windows platform. If the user is using another operating system, it cannot be downloaded through the tool. Therefore, Microsoft also provides direct downloading methods to users of other operating systems. You can directly modify the UA string to download the Windows 10 version 1909 iso image.

Microsoft’s official Windows 10 download page only provides media creation tools by default. Microsoft does not directly provide image files to users. However, Microsoft will detect the operating system accessed by users. If the user is not using Windows, Microsoft will provide the image download directly. To download the Windows 10 version 1909 iso image, you press F12 to enter the developer debugging tool and click the button next to the arrow in the upper left corner, and press F5 to refresh the page.