Google Chrome will support Nintendo Switch controllers

Google will announce a number of new projects at GDC 2019, the Game Developers Conference, but some interesting content has arrived before. The code change log shows that Google Chrome will provide native support for the Switch controller, although this change is currently pending submission.

The main purpose of this change is to provide support for the controller in online games, and players can interact directly with online games using the controller. Google’s goal is to provide developers with a standard GamePad API interface that developers can use to connect to the Switch controller. Strictly speaking, this interface is not limited to online web games, even other online applications can be operated by the controller if needed.

It’s unclear whether this is Google’s collaboration with Nintendo or Google’s own support, but it’s definitely good news for players. In addition, according to the current progress, at least in the Google Chrome v75 version to get this feature, then Nintendo Switch users can pre-experience.

Via: 9to5google