Mozilla is developing Fenix, new Android mobile browser

Mozilla began to develop the Fenix browser, a new browser that was developed from scratch using the browser engine Geckoview and Android components developed by Mozilla. The blog ghacks got the development version of the Fenix browser, let us see it for the first time before its official release.

Thanks to the borderless design that smartphones are starting to take, the Mozilla Fenix interface is getting bigger and bigger, and any application can put the most common UI elements at the bottom and then swipe up to show further action. When you browse and close your browser, these tabs are saved in a bundle called a session. That is, when you return to Fenix again, you can start a new browsing session or return to a session that has already started.

Sessions work differently from browsing sessions of desktop browsers. Fenix handles these sessions individually and gives users access to these tab sessions so that they may reopen sites they visited in the past.

Mozilla Fenix can also share browsing experiences with other users and devices via Firefox Sync. It is also said to have built-in blocking of local ads, autoplay, audio and cookies, tracking, pop-ups, URL redirection and more. Other features include reading mode, custom tabs, and permissions to display each tab. However, these features and functionality may change as the browser is still under development.

The Fenix browser has not been released to everyone and is expected to be released in the summer. However, if you want to try the Fenix browser first, you can download here to try out the night version of the Fenix browser, but please note that the night version is usually unstable and may not work properly.

Via: ghacks