Microsoft brings Application Guard Extension for Google and Firefox

Microsoft has now pushed Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18358 to users of Fast Ring to fix various known issues. But the surprise is that at this time Microsoft has also introduced a new feature of the security class, which is designed to help end users intercept various potential malicious URLs. It should be emphasized that the new security extension released this time is different from the protection tools that Microsoft has previously installed. Application Guard Extension interacts with system security settings in real time as an extension of Google Chrome and Firefox.

Application Guard Extension

Microsoft wrote, “the Windows Defender Application Guard Extension protects your device from advanced attacks by redirecting untrusted websites to an isolated version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Using a unique hardware-based isolation approach, Application Guard opens untrusted websites inside a lightweight container that is separated from the operating system via Hyper-V virtualization technology. If an untrusted website turns out to be malicious, it remains within Application Guard’s secure container, keeping the device and your enterprise data protected.

This extension ensures that untrusted websites open securely inside Application Guard’s isolated environment while trusted websites, as defined by your IT policy and enterprise administrator, continue to open in this browser. If a website is untrusted, you can use this extension to manually open it in an isolated Application Guard session.

You can download and install the extensions separately according to the browser you are using: WDAG for Google Chrome and Firefox