Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Google Chrome shows new warnings with imposter websites

1 min read

Phishing websites often use special characters to disguise themselves as legitimate websites. Even the most experienced Internet users are easily recruited without being carefully identified and become victims of phishing websites. For example, add “l” at the end of “”, such as, which is difficult to distinguish in the URL address bar. Google is also actively improving the Chrome browser to avoid this risk while increasing the impact of phishing websites.

Since the Chrome Canary 70 release, Google engineers have been testing the ability to detect similar sites that called “Navigation suggestions for lookalike URLs“. Users can enable this by typing the following in the URL address bar.


This feature is currently available in the Chrome 72 stable release, but it is not very comprehensive. For those who want to experience more complete functionality, it’s best to use the Chrome Canary version. If you enter a suspicious URL with this feature enabled, Chrome will display a drop-down menu asking if you really want to access this URL.

Google Chrome engineer Emily Stark said in a speech at the Enigma conference on Tuesday, “What people are seeing in the URL bar really just isn’t helpful to them as a security mechanism.”