Google Chrome Canary with segment heap improvements are now available

Earlier, we have mentioned that Google Chrome is trying to use the new segment heap memory management optimization mechanism in Windows 10 Version 2004.

At that time, due to some strange problems, Google’s browser failed to build after enabling the mechanism, but after research, the mechanism has returned to normal.

Therefore, Google enabled this feature in the latest canary. After it is enabled, it is expected to save more memory and at the same time reduce power consumption and improve battery life.

In Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft has added a memory called segment heap to manage the mechanism, this mechanism helps to reduce the memory usage.

Initially, the segment heap memory management mechanism was only applicable to UWP applications such as the classic version of the Microsoft Edge browser, and later Microsoft gradually expanded it.

Now, this new memory management mechanism has supported traditional desktop programs, and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium is said to have reduced memory by 27%.

On the latest official blog, Bruce Dawson of the Google Chrome project team stated that Google Chrome canary version v85.0.4182.0 enables the segment heap memory mechanism.

Users who use the canary version do not need to perform any operation, they only need to update to the latest version and the mechanism will be called, of course, provided that the system version is supported.