Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Malwarebytes has a compatible problem with Windows 10 v2004

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Malwarebytes known for its anti-virus software was found to have compatibility issues with Windows 10 v2004. Some users in Microsoft’s official forum said that after upgrading to the latest version, the system will have obvious problems such as freezing, and some applications may not open properly.

As ransomware becomes crazier and crazier, Malwarebytes begins to provide similar functions, and Microsoft Defender has also provided ransomware protection.

The developer believes that this compatibility issue should be related to Microsoft’s adjustment, which may be due to an unexpected conflict in Microsoft’s ransomware protection function.

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Image: Malwarebytes

However, there is currently no solution, so the developer also recommends that users postpone upgrading Windows 10 Version 2004 to prevent abnormalities after the upgrade.

Of course, users can also try to turn off the anti-ransomware function to avoid conflicts. If the problem cannot be solved after closing, they can only uninstall it and wait for subsequent repairs.

Via: techdows