Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

ARCore 1.18 supports calling the Depth API and Android and Unity platforms

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ARCore is an AR (augmented reality) application development platform launched by Google and supports both Android and iOS (indirect support through Unity).

Last year, Google announced the new Depth API for ARCore, which can use a single RGB camera to generate images with depth information through a motion depth detection algorithm. Developers can still use this API to achieve a very good AR experience on machines that do not have ToF sensors and other related accessories.

Google announced recently that ARCore 1.18 now officially supports developers to call the Depth API. It still supports Android and iOS (indirect support through Unity). Developers can call Depth API on hundreds of millions of Android devices without barriers.

Google said that the core function of the Depth API is: “the ability for digital objects to accurately appear behind real world objects. This makes objects feel as if they’re actually in your space, creating a more realistic AR experience.”

Although the device can function normally even if it does not have a ToF sensor, if the device has a ToF sensor, the overall experience will be better. After all, the load of the mobile phone on the measurement of the distance of space items is smaller, and the data obtained is also more accurate.

The next few years will be the time for smartphones to focus on AR. According to previous reports, Apple will launch a head-mounted AR device in 2021, and then it will launch a glasses-like AR device in 2022.