GitHub announces that free users can now create unlimited private repositories

GitHub Microsoft

GitHub, a well-known code hosting platform, has just announced that the private repositories are now free, and all developers can build unlimited private repositories. Original private repositories service users need to pay $7 a month to use, but now free private repositories are limited to only 3 collaborators.

GitHub Microsoft

That is to say, for small projects, developers can basically not have to pay, and developers who have paid for it can now switch to the free version to continue to use. Paid Professional Edition offers more collaborators for advanced users: If your project requires more than three collaborators it would need to pay to open GitHub Pro subscription. Microsoft also provides more advanced code review tools for professional users, helping developers check code.

In addition, the GitHub Enterprise Standard Edition is now available, and the Enterprise Edition is integrated with everything from GitHub Business Cloud and GitHub Enterprise.

For companies that need more services such as more collaborators and advanced code review tools, GitHub Enterprise Edition can be used for $21 a month.