Windows 10 supports to view raw image format

Windows 10 raw image

For video enthusiasts, you can view image files in a RAW format directly on the above system using Windows 7 or Windows 8. The strange thing is that Windows 10 file manager and photo application does not support RAW until now Microsoft released extensions to make up for this shortcoming.

RAW image extensions provide native viewing support for native image formats generated by many mid- to high-end digital cameras. Users are recommended to download and install this extension.¬†After installation, Windows 10 File Explorer and the system’s pre-installed photo app can directly view RAW image thumbnails and edit their metadata.

The current version of the TAW extension supports images captured by many digital cameras, but raw image formats such as CR3 and GPR are not yet supported.

This extension requires Windows 10 Build 18310 or later, which is a branch version of Windows 10 Version 1903. This branch version is currently in the beta phase and is officially released this spring, so the current official version of the user is not yet able to install this extension in the store.