Unauthorized upgrade of Windows 10, Microsoft compensates users in Finland for 1,100 euros

Windows 10 mapped network drive

A few years ago, when Microsoft released Windows 10, it used a free upgrade strategy to attract old users, and Microsoft also sneaked through the background automatic upgrade system.

Microsoft has been investigated by consumer protection organizations in many places around the world for unauthorized upgrades, but most of the investigations ended up with no results.

In Finland, there is now a very clear result: Microsoft has to pay 1,100 euros for a user due to unauthorized upgrades of Windows 10.

Windows 10 mapped network drive

In 2016, the Windows 8 system used by Finnish users was upgraded to Windows 10 by Microsoft. After the upgrade, the camera monitoring software could not work.

The user complained about Microsoft after seeking technical support from Microsoft to help solve the problem, and then the Finnish Consumer Disputes Panel helped the user defend their rights.

The user asked Microsoft to compensate 3,000 euros for the cost of replacing the replacement camera and asked Microsoft to explain why it was forced to upgrade the system.

After two years of investigation, the Finnish Consumer Disputes Panel ruled that Microsoft would compensate the user for 1,100 euros to compensate users for maintenance.

Via: mspoweruser