Gigabyte unveiled a revamped UI for the latest BIOS of its Intel 600 and 700 series motherboards

Recently, Gigabyte unveiled a revamped UI for the latest BIOS of its Intel 600 and 700 series motherboards. While enhancing its aesthetic appeal, it has also incorporated numerous handy features into its simplified mode, streamlining the user experience.

The BIOS interface from Gigabyte is tailored to the specific theme of each motherboard series. The AORUS MASTER series showcases a sophisticated technicolor light stripe design at the top and bottom against a stark black backdrop. In contrast, the AORUS White series adapts this style into a monochromatic grey and white palette. The GAMING series remains largely unchanged from its previous version, prominently featuring the “GIGABYTE” logo in the top left corner, presumably a universal theme. Intriguingly, while the aforementioned three series integrate Gigabyte’s signature orange element into toggle switches, the AERO series opts for a more vibrant teal, with a theme more attuned to the tastes of creative professionals.

Gigabyte’s new BIOS in its simplified mode introduces a few alterations in its layout and functionality. Shortcut key prompts, previously situated in the bottom right corner, are now aligned horizontally at the top, distinctly segregating them from the feature area. This relocation allows for an expanded display of PCIE and hard drive information, as well as the addition of a quick access area which includes significant functions such as Re-Size BAR toggle, CSM switch, quick boot mode settings, Q-Flash, and more. Moreover, Gigabyte has foregrounded some crucial memory-related functionalities, encompassing DDR5 AUTO BOOST, DDR5 XMP BOOST, SPD Info, SPD Setup, Memory Boot Mode, and Memory Channel Detection Message.

For those intrigued, the BIOS with its fresh UI is now available for download. Enthusiasts are encouraged to visit Gigabyte’s official website to procure it.