GIGABYTE Announces New Z790 X-Series Motherboards

Following in the footsteps of ASUS and MSI, Gigabyte has recently unveiled its Z790 X series motherboards, meticulously crafted for the 14th generation Core processors. While fortifying its proprietary Ultra Durable technology, emphasis has been placed on proffering gamers superior DDR5 overclocking prowess and BIOS refinement, aiming to elevate the user experience to unparalleled realms.

In previous iterations of Gigabyte motherboards, the BIOS memory overclocking interface gracefully presented users with options for high bandwidth and low latency modes. The Z790 X series, building on this foundation, has integrated the DDR5 Auto Booster feature, which effortlessly elevates the memory frequency from an inherent 5600MHz to an impressive 6000MHz. Concurrently, leveraging the DDR5 XMP Booster, it automates the amplification of the memory’s preset XMP overclocking ceiling, rendering high-frequency pursuits more attainable. Beyond BIOS memory fine-tuning, the 8-layer server-grade PCB and the deployment of 2X copper ensure the Z790 X series motherboard’s hardware robustness.

In terms of CPU power delivery, the Gigabyte Z790 X series motherboards are adorned with tantalum capacitors known for their exemplary voltage performance. The flagship variant boasts a formidable 24+1+2 phase power design.

The Z790 X series has paid heed to the high power consumption and thermal challenges posed by PCIe 5.0 SSDs. Within the Z790 AORUS XTREME X, the PCIe 5.0 solid-state cooling module, apart from incorporating heat pipe conduction, has further augmented the cooler’s stature, thereby expanding the heat dissipation area. Official proclamations assert that under arduous workloads on high-performance PCIe 5.0 SSDs, this thermal solution can adeptly maintain solid-state drive temperatures below 50°C.

On the high-end models of the Gigabyte Z790 X series, one can also find futuristic features, including a 10Gbps bandwidth Ethernet port and WIFI 7 capabilities.