G.Skill showcases DDR5-7000 CL40 16GBx2 memory

In the past less than a month, G.Skill has successively launched Trident Z5 DDR5-6600 (the timing is CL36-36-36-76) and Trident Z5 DDR5-6800 (CL38-38-38- 76) 32GB (16GB x2) ultra-fast memory package, which is also the highest frequency product among the DDR5 memory released by all memory manufacturers. This does not seem to be the upper limit of G.Skill DDR5 memory. Its R&D team has made persistent efforts to continue to tap the extreme potential of DDR5 memory, showing its super technical strength. G.Skill recently demonstrated the DDR5-7000 16GBx2 memory package, the timing of which is CL40-40-40-76, once again pushing the memory frequency to a new high, and is about to open up a new field of more than 7000 MT/s.
G.SKILL DDR5-7000 CL40

According to G.Skill, the memory is made of Samsung’s DDR5 particles, and the burn-in test has been completed, showing the ultimate overclocking potential of G.Skill’s new generation of DDR5 memory. In the past, such ultra-high frequencies were mostly achieved through liquid nitrogen extreme overclocking technology, but now they can be achieved through general air cooling. Many memory manufacturers want to hit DDR5-10000, in fact, this is not an easy task.

We are seeing amazing overclocking potential of DDR5 memory on the latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors and Intel® Z690 chipset motherboards,” says Tequila Huang, Corporate Vice President of G.SKILL International. “DDR5-7000 is an incredible milestone for us, and we will continue to work with our industry partners to develop ever-faster DDR5 memory for PC enthusiasts and overclockers.”