Folding Future Unfolds: In&Out Flip Redefines Smartphone Form Factor

At CES 2024, Samsung unveiled a plethora of innovative screen products, a highlight being the Flex Note Extendable foldable screen for vehicular applications, measuring a mere 0.6 millimeters thick. This lineup also included the UT OLED panel, OLEDoS screens for the XR domain, and QD-OLED displays. Particularly intriguing was a model named In&Out Flip, an OLED screen capable of 360° bi-directional folding, poised to revolutionize the form factor of foldable screen smartphones.

According to official details, the In&Out Flip OLED screen can fold both inward and outward, with a folding angle of up to 360°. Samsung exudes confidence in the quality of this screen, asserting its ability to function normally in extreme conditions ranging from -20°C to 60°C. In durability tests, this screen endured basketball impacts, sand abrasion, and immersion in water, maintaining functionality even after these rigorous trials.

This screen’s bi-directional folding feature eliminates the need for an external screen in foldable smartphones, not only slimming down the device but also opening avenues for manufacturers to develop novel functionalities. Discussing this groundbreaking In&Out Flip OLED screen, a representative from Samsung’s display division remarked, “Some consumers have always preferred traditional flat phones due to the thickness of foldable screen phones. However, the advent of In&Out Flip technology offers new choices for consumers. Additionally, when this screen is folded outward, both the front and back of the phone become screens, presenting an innovative experience for users.”

Furthermore, in the realm of smartphone screens, Samsung showcased two other products. One was the Rollable Flex screen, which can expand to five times its original size when unfurled. The other was the Flex Hybrid screen, amalgamating foldable and stretchable features.