Snapdragon Surprise: Samsung’s S24 Ultra Rocks Two Custom 8 Gen 3 Chips

The standard edition of the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform was released in October 2023, featuring a 1+5+2 architecture CPU, with the prime Cortex-X4 core reaching a peak frequency of 3.30GHz. Those familiar with smartphone products would recognize that each year, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series utilizes a customized version of the Snapdragon flagship mobile platform. Historically, these Samsung Galaxy custom SoCs have boasted higher CPU frequencies. However, recent updates reveal that the Galaxy S24 Ultra, equipped with Samsung’s customized Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform, currently has two test versions. These versions will be sold in different regions, each with varying SoC CPU frequencies.

This indicates that not all regions will have access to the same Galaxy S24 Ultra experience. While this top-tier Samsung flagship has no plans to feature the Exynos 2400, all its versions will incorporate Samsung’s custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform. According to insider @TheGalox_alt, this SoC comes in two variants. In one, the prime Cortex-X4 core’s frequency matches the standard version at 3.30GHz, while the other variant boosts the Cortex-X4 frequency to 3.40GHz, offering a slight theoretical performance enhancement.

The different SoC versions of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be available in three distinct regional markets, coded as B, N, and U. ‘U’ denotes the United States, and ‘N’ South Korea, with both markets featuring the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s prime core at 3.30GHz. The Galaxy S24 Ultra in the ‘B’ market will have a prime core frequency of 3.40GHz, though the specific region represented by ‘B’ remains unconfirmed.

The actual performance difference between these two SoC versions will depend on the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s cooling system capabilities. The higher-frequency SoC may experience performance limitations due to excessive temperatures.