FileZilla app began to bundle adware by default

FileZilla is a very well-known open-source FTP software, which provides FTP terminal software and FTP server software. FileZilla Pro mainly provides more functions such as connecting to the cloud storage services of Google or Amazon, but the user usage rate of such software may be low at present.

In order to solve the revenue problem, the software is now bundled with adware by default, that is, the recommendation of the promotion software pops up during the installation stage to guide users to download and install.

Under normal circumstances, it is normal for software to bundle other promotional software based on revenue considerations. This approach is also used by much free software to earn advertising fees.

FileZilla bundle adware


After testing, we found that the software is indeed bundled with the software. During the installation phase, it will recommend software such as McAfee, which uses advertising components.

That is, the advertising component may automatically recommend the software that needs to be bundled according to the user’s location and computer conditions, so everyone encounters different situations when installing.

It may be a normal process if it is just bundling McAfee, but the advertising components it uses seem to be unsafe and are blocked by a large number of security software.

When most security software detects, it will prompt that its installer contains unwanted software or adware, and will directly block the installation by default.

Obviously, if the installer is blocked by a large number of security software, it will have an impact on its reputation, but FileZilla does not seem to respond to this situation.

Via: ghacks