ExTiX 19.5 releases: based on Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, uses kernel 5.1.0-exton

ExTiX 18.9

ExTiX is based on Ubuntu desktop Linux distribution, offering a choice of KDE, KDE or LXQt desktop environments.


  • ExTiX – five versions
  • KDE 4.16.12
  • LXQt 0.12.0
  • KDE Frameworks 5.44
  • Kernel 4.18.0-rc5-extix, 4.13.0-15-exton, 4.15.0-23-exton respectively 4.8.0-26-exton
  • Refracta tools in ExTiX 18.4-2 Deepin, 18.7 LXQt, 17.7 Budgie and 18.6 KDE
  • Create your own Ubuntu system with Refracta Snapshot!
  • Build 161203 is only for Intel Compute Sticks
  • Refracta slideshow: http://www.extix.se/extix-refracta-slideshow.gif
  • Budgie Desktop 10.2.9 in ExTiX 17.7 Build 170712
  • Deepin Desktop 15.5 in ExTiX 18.4-2 Build 180421
  • Calamares 3.1.9 is used as installer in ExtiX LXQt Build 180723 and ExTiX 18.4-2 Deepin Build 180421
  • Kernel 4.16.2-exton in ExTiX Deepin Build 180421
  • Kernel 4.18.0-rc5-extix in ExTiX LXQt Build 180723
  • Kernel 4.15.0-23-exton in ExTiX KDE Build 180602



ExTiX 19.5 released.


1. The ExTiX ISO’s are ISO-hybrids, which means that they can very easily be transferred (copied) to a USB pen drive. You can even run ExTiX from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. I.e. you will enjoy persistence!
2. Another big improvement is that both ExTiX versions can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 2 (load to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or USB stick. You’ll need at least 2 GB RAM to run ExTiX that way. Running from RAM means that the system will run faster than from a DVD or a USB stick. Everything will be superfast I would say! Especially since the ISO file is of only 1220 MB!
3. ExTiX LXQt is now more stable than ever. All packages have been upgraded to the latest version by 190508.
4. I’ve replaced kernel 4.20.0-extix with kernel 5.1.0-exton. Kernel 5.1 is the latest kernel by 190508. (Released 190506).
5. I have replaced Ubuntu’s installation program Ubiquity (live installer) with Refracta Installer. It works very well. I.e. a new user (your user) will be created during the installation process and you’ll get a chance to change root’s password. Just start the installer from the menu under System.
6. The best thing with ExTiX 19.5 is that while running the system live (from DVD/USB) or from hard drive you can use Refracta Snapshot (pre-installed) to create your own live installable Ubuntu system.
7. As an alternative to LXQt you can run Kodi 19 Matrix . Just start Kodi like any other program while logged in to the LXQt Desktop as the ordinary user live. I have enabled a few addons in Kodi. Most important the Netflix addon. NOTE: You can’t run Kodi as root. (You won’t have sound).
8. Nvidia proprietary Graphics driver 418.74 is pre-installed in ExTiX 19.5. It will be used automatically if your computer has support for it.