Many Win32 applications are difficult to work properly on Windows 10X version

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been working on creating an operating system that can run on all hardware platforms for many years, but they haven’t made any real progress in this area.

Many Microsoft fans had hoped that Windows 10 Mobile could take Microsoft to the position of mobile Internet center, but Microsoft suddenly announced that it would no longer add new functions to Windows 10 Mobile. After only daily maintenance, everyone understood that Windows 10 Mobile is dead.

However, with the advent and continuous advancement of the Windows 10X version, Microsoft seems to be not far from its ideals. This is an operating system specifically designed for dual-screen devices like Surface Neo.

However, the development progress of the Windows 10X version is extremely slow. At the same time, Panos Panay, the head of Microsoft’s hardware, announced that it will not release the Windows 10X version system this year.

Windows 10X Start menu

The Windows 10X version can run Win32, UWP, and PWA three types of software, which are all run by its internal “container”. You can understand it as another form of the virtual machine, but its performance is better, Longer battery life and safer.

There is news that the current development work of the Windows 10X version has encountered a lot of problems. Many Win32 version software cannot work normally on the Windows 10X version. Basically, it will encounter various strange problems, such as the performance of Win32 apps. At the same time, some old Win32 versions of the software also encountered compatibility issues.

According to the working principle of the Windows 10X version, it may be that there is a problem with its Win32 container, and it may require Microsoft engineers to continue to improve.

Via: windowslatest