European retailers listed AMD A620 motherboards for less than $100/€100

Two days ago, images of the ASRock A620M-HDV/M.2 motherboard surfaced on the internet, marking the debut of the AMD A620 motherboard. Last month, reports indicated that AMD would soon introduce a more affordable A620 chipset, with manufacturers submitting new motherboard models to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), signifying that lower-cost AM5 motherboards are drawing nearer for gamers.

According to VideoCardz, European retailers have now listed A620 motherboards online, specifically, the MSI PRO A620M-E, which features a Micro-ATX form factor. Retailers in Poland and Slovakia offer prices of 440 złoty (approximately 701.76 RMB) and 87.55 euros (approximately 652.76 RMB) respectively, inclusive of local taxes. Although B650 motherboards have appeared at a price of 124.99 USD (approximately 859.87 RMB), A620 motherboards are somewhat less expensive.

MSI A620M-E motherboard listed early, Source: EU Retailers

Polish and Slovakian retailers have not provided additional product-specific information on their listings, so the precise specifications of the MSI PRO A620M-E motherboard remain uncertain. However, previous reports suggest that A620 motherboards will not support PCIe 5.0 and CPU overclocking, but will allow DDR5 memory overclocking.

Netizens have noted that Gigabyte recently submitted several A620 motherboard models to the Eurasian Economic Commission, including the A620M GAMING X AX, A620M GAMING X, and A620M C, indicating that manufacturers are accelerating their efforts. Rumor has it that AMD may release the A620 chipset as early as next week.