Sega and Tencent will not attend E3 2023 event

As one of the more prominent gaming expos in the world, E3’s stature appears to have waned considerably, with the most evident manifestation being the decline in exhibitors. In January, we reported that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony would not be attending E3 2023, an undeniably significant announcement. Now, according to VGC and IGN, a number of well-known publishers will be withdrawing from the event.

Ubisoft, for instance, has officially confirmed to VGC that they will not attend E3, but will instead hold their Ubisoft Forward online conference on June 12th, coinciding with the expo.

IGN has received information from SEGA and Tencent as well. SEGA will not participate in E3, opting to announce their gaming projects at a later date. Tencent’s Level Infinite, in addition to abstaining from E3, has expressed interest in Play Days, considering it a valuable opportunity to showcase games. While Bandai Namco has yet to comment on E3, they have confirmed their attendance at Play Days.

It is worth mentioning that Play Days is a component of Summer Game Fest, a gaming expo hosted by Geoff Keighley, who also presides over The Game Awards at the end of each year.

With less than three months remaining before E3 2023, the withdrawal of so many influential publishers will undoubtedly diminish the event’s impact. This poses a challenge for the organizer, ReedPop, as it is their first time hosting E3. However, for gamers, this development may not be particularly consequential, as the departing companies will simply opt to host independent conferences, ensuring the availability of anticipated game trailers.