Epic Games filed a lawsuit in the UK court accusing Apple of abusing its dominant market position

Earlier, Epic Games added other payment methods without Apple’s consent due to the issue of App Store policies. As a result, after being discovered by Apple, it directly removed Fortnite and other games.

Subsequently, Epic Games began to sue Apple in the US court for abusing its high market share for monopoly, while Apple is still very strong and accused the Epic Games of violating the agreement.

But this well-known game company is unwilling to bow to Apple and is ready to smash Apple. Now the company has filed a lawsuit in the UK courts against Apple’s monopoly.

Epic Games stated that Apple, as the only application distribution channel on the iOS platform, uses its advantages to force developers to pay fees, which is very unfair to developers.

The company believes that Apple uses its dominant market position to monopolize because users have no other application store channels to choose from and can only download games through the Apple Store.

The developers also have no choice but to agree to the Apple agreement to pay the commission to be listed on the Apple Store, which leads to the developer’s disadvantage in the competition.

Epic Games requested the British court to order Apple to remove in-app payment restrictions and allow developers to use other payment methods so that developers can freely choose payment channels.

Epic Games also appealed to the issue of the studio account being blocked. The company asked the court to order the restoration of its studio account and hoped that Apple would compensate for its economic losses.

It is worth noting that while suing Apple, Epic Games also filed similar accusations against Google. The company claimed that Google and Apple had anti-competitive behaviors in the same way.

Via: Bloomberg