Microsoft has fixed the Windows 10 “Reset this PC” feature

Since the beginning of last year, users have discovered that the Windows 10 “Reset this PC” feature is abnormal. Sometimes when trying to reset, it will pop up and fail to reset.

The reset function is a more convenient system function provided by Microsoft for users. You can choose to reset the system by keeping files or resetting the system without keeping any data at all.

For example, you can use the retained file reset function when the system has a serious failure. At this time, the system will be reset and the software will be deleted but the user files will not be lost.

Windows 10 users met a problem in the KB4524244 update, which caused the “Reset this PC” feature to be interrupted for one year.

Microsoft said in the latest support announcement that the routine update released this month has resolved the Windows 10 “Reset this PC” feature problem on Windows 10 v1607 – v1909.

Users can re-use this feature after installing this month’s routine update KB4598479. If they try to reset the PC again, there should be no more errors.

If you use the “Reset this PC” feature to fail, you can download and install the KB4598479 update to install manually. After the installation is complete, restart the system and then try to reset the PC.

If your computer cannot connect to the Internet, you can also go to the control panel to uninstall the faulty update KB4524244, and restart the system after uninstalling.