EKWB announced an average 8% price increase for its water cooling products

Slovenian-based renowned PC liquid cooling manufacturer EKWB, well-regarded in the DIY market, recently announced an average 8% price increase for its water cooling products, effective from March 31, 2023. Orders placed prior to this date will remain unaffected by the price adjustment. EK asserts that this decision was not made hastily, but rather was a compelled choice considering current market conditions.

In its official statement, EK cited numerous reasons, including labor costs, rising material prices, and procurement difficulties. Consequently, consumers will find EK’s products more expensive to offset the various escalating expenses. With an average 8% increase being rather significant, it is difficult to predict the impact on specific products, as EK has not yet disclosed a comprehensive list of adjustments. For those planning to purchase EK products in the near future, it may be prudent to place orders in advance to avoid spending more after March 31, 2023.

Thanks to close collaborations with popular brands such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, EK enjoys significant industry recognition. Many motherboard manufacturers feature EK-customized modules, and coupled with GPU customizations, high-end PC enthusiasts and extreme overclocking aficionados can craft impeccable liquid cooling systems. Even for reference designs, subtle variations necessitate modifications to water cooling products, thereby increasing design and assembly complexity and further driving up costs, rendering them unapproachable for casual gamers.