Intel’s 56-core Xeon W9-3495X overclocked to an astounding 5.5 GHz on all cores

Last month, Intel unveiled the Sapphire Rapids HEDT/Workstation Xeon W-2400/3400 series processors, with the flagship W9-3495X boasting 56 cores, a turbo frequency of 4.8 GHz, 105MB L3 cache, support for 112 PCIe lanes, and octa-channel DDR5-4800 memory.

Though the product has only recently been launched, avid overclockers have already begun tinkering with the new platform. According to TechPowerup, in collaboration with ASUS, extreme overclocker Elmorlabs recently pushed the Xeon W9-3495X to its limits, pairing it with an ASUS W790E-SAGE SE motherboard and G.Skill Zeta R5 DDR5 memory, achieving a staggering 5.5 GHz on all cores.

What is particularly impressive is the processor’s power consumption, reaching a monumental 1881W, with the system powered by two 1600W Super Flower power supplies. The Xeon W9-3495X utilized liquid nitrogen cooling, maintaining a temperature consistently below -90°C. In Cinebench R23, this setup scored 132,220 points, narrowly trailing the world record established the previous week at 132,484 points.