PC monitor shipments hit historic low in Q4 2022

Recently, market research firm IDC released a new report, indicating that in Q4 2022, global PC monitor shipments amounted to approximately 30.5 million units, a significant year-over-year decrease of 18.3%, resulting in a 5.9% decline in annual shipments for 2022. This marks the lowest fourth quarter for shipments since IDC began publishing such reports in 2008.

This outcome was foreseeable, as challenging macroeconomic conditions have impacted consumer and business demand. Previous reports suggested that, amid the worsening economic landscape in the second half of 2022, global PC shipments sharply declined in the fourth quarter, experiencing a precipitous drop. Consequently, PC monitor shipments were inevitably affected, although the final outcome still exceeded the initial 16.2% projection.

The outlook for 2023 remains bleak, with IDC forecasting a continued decline in global PC monitor shipments, falling by 9.8% due to slow inventory reduction and flagging demand weighing on the market. IDC anticipates that, as inventory conditions improve, global PC monitor shipments will experience a resurgence in 2024, with an expected growth rate exceeding 4%, sustaining modest growth until 2027.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, global PC monitor shipments averaged around 125 million units, surpassing 135 million units between 2018 and 2020. In 2023, shipments are projected to be around 120 million units. IDC asserts that, beyond 2024, the market will stabilize based on the demand for hybrid work environments and growth in gaming monitors. At present, consumers and businesses are readjusting their priorities, a process that requires time.

In terms of brand market share, Dell dominates with over 20%, significantly outpacing its competitors. HP, Lenovo, AOC, and Samsung follow, each with market shares slightly above 10%, exhibiting marginal differences. The data likely pertains to proprietary brand products, excluding contract manufacturing portions for companies like AOC.

IDC’s Global Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker gathers detailed market data from over 90 countries, including historical and forecast trend analyses.