EA will be split into EA Entertainment and EA Sports

Today, Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), heralded a substantial internal restructuring of the company’s organisational architecture. The business is set to bifurcate into EA Entertainment and EA SPORTS. This strategy seems indicative of EA’s future intentions to extend its operations and influence beyond the gaming realm as much as possible.

Wilson postulates that this metamorphosis of EA continues to vest its studio leaders with enhanced creative ownership and fiscal accountability, thus fostering swifter and more insightful decisions around development and market strategies. The relevant measures are slated to accelerate EA’s business progression, spur sustained growth of future performance, and render long-term value to employees, players, and communities.

Commanded by Laura Miele, EA Entertainment boasts proprietary IPs, encompassing some of the most beloved franchises and collaborative licensing IPs. Having been with EA for 27 years and previously serving as Chief Operating Officer, Miele is no stranger to the sector. Vince Zampella will continue to oversee the studios behind games like “Apex Legends”, the “Star Wars” series, and the “Battlefield” series, while Samantha Ryan focuses on franchises and single-player gaming experiences. Jeff Karp will spearhead the team managing mobile operations.

EA SPORTS houses some of the most valuable assets in all sports disciplines, a substantial online community with billions of fans, and a global copyright of more sports events than any other interactive entertainment venue. This division will fall under the stewardship of Cam Weber, who will guide the experiences of EA SPORTS and the entire racing business portfolio.

Incumbent Chief Financial Officer Chris Suh is set to leave EA for Visa Inc., with Stuart Canfield, a 20-year EA veteran, succeeding him. In addition, EA’s Chief Experience Officer, Chris Bruzzo, is set to retire, passing the baton to David Tinson.