EA announced layoffs of 6% and restructured the team

One of the gaming industry’s behemoths, Electronic Arts (EA), has announced a workforce reduction of 6% while concurrently restructuring several teams. EA’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wilson, conveyed in a statement that this constitutes the most challenging aspect of EA’s endeavors this year, and the entire process is being executed with utmost caution and respect.

EA’s retrenchment efforts commenced earlier this quarter and will persist until the onset of the subsequent fiscal year. EA avows that, within their capacity, they will afford colleagues the opportunity to transition to alternative projects; should this prove unattainable, severance pay and supplementary benefits, such as healthcare and vocational transition services, will be provided.

According to data from Games Industry.biz, EA employed approximately 12,900 individuals globally in March 2022. Assuming a 6% reduction, approximately 775 employees will be terminated—a relatively modest figure compared to numerous contemporaneous companies undergoing downsizing. EA’s actions are expeditious, with the process slated for completion by next month. Reportedly, EA has already dismissed roughly 200 support staff, with a substantial portion hailing from the “Apex Legends” team.

EA emphasized that, more than ever before, they must concentrate on their strategic focal points: crafting games and experiences that foster expansive online entertainment communities; creating sensational interactive narratives; and augmenting the power of communities within and beyond games through social and creator tools.

These objectives will assume top priority for EA as they scrutinize their investment portfolio, eschewing projects that fail to contribute to their corporate strategy while reorganizing select teams. This implies that EA may need to make sacrifices; however, given the mention of “Apex Legends,” “FIFA 23,” and “The Sims” within the statement, it is anticipated that these titles will remain unscathed.