EA announced the AntiCheat technology: Will be used first on FIFA 23

Cheater, hacker, cheating, and cheating are all words that gamers hate. In order to reduce the impact of this extremely selfish behavior on the game experience, game manufacturers have also increased anti-cheating systems in recent years, such as the Tencent protect, and Easy Anti-Cheat. Now EA has also announced a self-developed EAAC (EA AntiCheat).


Image: EA

EA said that the current anti-cheat system needs to go deep into the kernel level, mainly because many plug-ins and cheating software are already running in the kernel space. At present, the anti-cheat system only at the user level cannot detect it at all. In the past few years, such kernel-level cheating has increased greatly, and EA has to follow up on the defense. This EAAC is mainly used in PC games, but not all their games will be equipped, it should only be used in competitive games with online battle mode.

However, this anti-cheating system will be used first on FIFA 23, rather than on FPS games such as APEX and Battlefield. Some players may be curious, why is this football game also anti-cheating? In fact, the main part of FIFA is Ultimate Team, which has a large number of online battles and some online e-sports competitions, so anti-cheating is also an important part of ensuring fairness, and FIFA 23 will be launched at the end of this month.

As for the APEX and Battlefield series, which also require an anti-cheat system, it has not yet been revealed when EAAC will be used. EA promises that EA AntiCheat will not collect players’ personal data, display browsing history, or information that has nothing to do with EA games or anti-cheating.