DuckDuckGo to prevent Google FLoC tracking tech

Previously, we reported that Google started a FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) test in its Chrome browser, replacing the original third-party cookie in a new way to track users and use it to form user portraits for advertising.

As the use of third-party cookies in online advertising is increasingly under fire, Google is seeking to use people’s browsing history to classify people into groups. After that, advertisers can show their ads to relevant groups. Although the system is supposed to improve user privacy, many organizations have expressed that Google’s FLoC is a terrible idea.

DuckDuckGo prenvent Google FLoC

A few days ago, the privacy search engine DuckDuckGo updated the DuckDuckGo privacy extension on its Chrome browser to prevent Google’s new user tracking method FLoC. The update of the DuckDuckGo plug-in was carried out after Google started the FLoC test. The test will select millions of Chrome users for the FLoC technology test. Users do not have the right to opt-out unless they completely turn off third-party cookies, but this will break normal access to some websites.

The new FLoC blocking feature is included in the 2021.4.8 version of the DuckDuckGo extension. The privacy-friendly search engine company said the extension is still waiting for Google’s approval for the updated extension, but it should be approved soon. If you have installed the DuckDuckGo extension, it will update automatically, or you can install it from the Chrome Web Store.