DPVR releases DPVR E4: New Standard of PC VR Headset

Founded in 2015, DPVR is a full-stack XR technology and product company integrating software and hardware. Recently, the company launched a new PC VR device: DPVR E4.

The main color of DPVR E4 is white, and the word “DPVR” is printed on the front of the device. It is equipped with a phantom LED light bar, and users can customize the appearance of the VR headset, and it is equipped with two controllers.  The single headset weighs 280g and adopts a 90° flip-up design. When the user needs to temporarily exit the VR viewing angle, just flip the headset up 90° to avoid the trouble of repeated removal and wearing.
DPVR E4 uses a 120Hz refresh rate and a 4K resolution LCD screen; equipped with four cameras, it can realize positioning without a base station; support six degrees of freedom (DoF), which can fully detect the spatial and angular information of the head; using the Fresnel lens, the field of view (FOV) can reach 116°, and the field of view is close to that of the human eye. It can provide a wider field of view and a more immersive experience.

DPVR claims that the headset is fully compatible with more than 7,000 VR games in the Steam store, and can play well in games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, After the Fall, Superhot, etc… DVRP E4 needs to be connected to a PC to use, the official gives the minimum configuration requirements.

DPVR E4 will be pre-ordered on November 30th.