The number of Steam online users exceeds 30 million

In March this year, the number of online users on the Steam platform reached 29,986,681. The main drivers of its online user growth during that time were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, PUBG, and Elden Ring.

While the 30 million mark is just a step away, and a breakthrough is only a matter of time, the weekly peak has been hovering in the 27-29 million range for most of 2022. When the time came to October 23, 2022, SteamDB shows that the number of simultaneous online users exceeded 30 million, reaching 30,032,005, reaching a new milestone.
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Players can choose from a variety of platforms and ways to play games, including smartphones, streaming devices, game consoles, and PCs. Due to the multi-functional attributes of the PC, coupled with the upgradeable potential of the CPU and GPU and its developmental characteristics, it has well faced the competition of other gaming platforms, showing considerable resilience, and seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

It is worth noting that the data of the Steam platform also reflects that many PC enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts who like to invest and upgrade are sensitive to price, and the proportion of some new graphics cards and processors is still low, and some have been launched for several years. The old model is still used by a large number of players. Some PC players may spend a lot of money to buy the top model in the market, but more mainstream players are very concerned about the price, and excessive pricing will slow down the speed of players’ upgrading.