Dell confirms the cancellation of Alienware Graphics Amplifier

As the Thunderbolt interface began to be widely used in new notebooks, products such as eGPU, external GPU, and external graphics dock also have more opportunities to come out, especially on some laptops. External GPU can bring graphics performance to cope with 3A game masterpieces.  But in fact, before the Thunderbolt interface became popular, some OEMs made their own external GPU solutions and used special interfaces. The most famous is the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, but now they have decided to cancel this accessory.

“Alienware 14 Gaming Laptop” by liewcf is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

According to The Verge, Graphics Amplifier will no longer be provided, but it is not that they are no longer optimistic about the operation of external GPU, but the main reason is that the new game notebook has canceled the special interface of Graphics Amplifier. In addition, if the game should have an external GPU, in fact, the Thunderbolt interface solution will be more appropriate and more versatile.

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier was first launched in 2014 when it was used for Alienware 13. It can install a desktop graphics card inside, and with a special interface of PCIe specification, it can provide Alienware 13 with more powerful graphics performance than the mobile version of the discrete GPU at the time, while Thunderbolt 2 in the same period is rarely used due to bandwidth limitations. Used for external GPU, so Graphics Amplifier was the best external GPU solution at the time.