DAN Case introduces C4 SFX case

DAN Case, since the debut of the A4 SFX case in 2016, has garnered substantial commendations from users. The A4 SFX has undergone continual refinement, with the latest version being v4.1. Post the A4 SFX case’s launch, DAN Case has been engaged in the development of a new C4 SFX case. In March 2022, DAN Case unveiled the product page for the C4 SFX case. Now, after more than a year, the C4 SFX case has finally made its market debut.

C4 SFX case

The C4 SFX, still manufactured by Lian Li, comes in two hues, black and silver. It boasts overall dimensions of 253x166x350.2mm, a volume of approximately 14.7L, and weighs 3.7 kg. The case supports Mini-ITX, DTX, and Deep-ITX motherboard specifications; it is compatible with SFX and FX-L power supply standards. The C4 SFX’s front panel offers two 2.5-inch hard drive bays (with a thickness not exceeding 12mm); the top and side each possess two 120/140mm fan slots, and when using a cooling bracket, a 280mm radiator can be installed on the side; the back also accommodates an 80/92mm fan. Due to the case’s volume constraints, the CPU cooler has a height limit of 145mm, and the radiator thickness should not exceed 45mm.

Unlike the A4 SFX case, the C4 SFX’s graphics card installation location is in the case’s top area. The case supports a maximum of 3.9-slot graphics cards, with a length not exceeding 334mm; when installing a 3.4-slot graphics card, the length must not exceed 336mm. In terms of front interfaces, the case comes equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port.

Although such cases are compact, users also need to invest more effort into considering compatibility issues when selecting components. The official parameters page lists recommended models for air-cooling heat sinks, 280mm water cooling, and graphics cards for users’ reference.

The C4 SFX case will be available for sale on an e-commerce platform at 4 PM local time in Germany on May 16, with a price tag of 165.83 British pounds.