Apple’s mixed-reality device will far surpass other competitors in operational efficiency

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s mixed reality head-mounted device, expected to be unveiled during WWDC 2023, will far surpass other competitors in operational efficiency.

This head-mounted device will adopt a design akin to current virtual reality headsets, featuring an internal display screen. It will capture external images through exterior cameras, thereby presenting virtual or augmented reality effects and thus enabling a mixed reality user experience.

Apple WWDC23

Compared to other market-available products that adopt a significant amount of experimental and unconventional designs, coupled with a product price tag of $3,000, many opinions suggest that Apple’s product is primarily intended for commercial applications, or leans more towards experimental nature, rather than targeting the mass consumer market.

In terms of design, it will adopt an external battery design, and it can be quickly swapped out, thereby extending the usage time of the head-mounted device. Additionally, it could incorporate FaceTime, Apple Fitness+ services, and gaming content to enhance virtual visual interactive experiences.

Apple is expected to announce this head-mounted device as early as WWDC 2023, but the official rollout may be postponed until September of this year, partly due to potential production factors delaying the launch.