CORSAIR launched the first products of the iCUE LINK smart component ecosystem

At the recent Computex 2023, Corsair, an American company, made a grand debut of its iCUE LINK intelligent component ecosystem, offering an unprecedented PC-building experience that ushers in a new era of more intelligent and convenient PC DIY. This innovation entirely overturns the traditional PC installation methods. By employing a single-cable technology, it can deliver both the requisite power supply and data transmission, thus reducing the time required to build a high-performance PC by half and simplifying cable management.

Corsair announced the launch of its initial range of products in the iCUE LINK intelligent component ecosystem, encompassing the iCUE LINK RGB series of integrated water-cooling radiators, the iCUE LINK QX RGB series of fans, and the iCUE LINK system hub. Each iCUE LINK product incorporates a microcontroller serving as the ‘brain’ for communication with the system hub. The novel ‘time offset’ RGB lighting mode employs a flickering light effect, creating an illusion of fans either frozen in place or reversing. Each fan features a built-in temperature sensor and microcontroller, facilitating more precise control options.

Corsair points out that the new iCUE LINK RGB series of integrated water-cooling radiators come in 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, and 420mm specifications. When paired with the iCUE LINK QX RGB series fans, they offer remarkable heat-dissipation performance and visual effects. The use of concealed wiring, with connection points shifted to the end of the radiator, implies no cables around the water pump, thereby enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the system’s central area.

The iCUE LINK QX RGB series fans are also available as standalone products in 120mm and 140mm sizes, with individual and kit options. They employ Corsair’s new magnetic levitation bearings, operating at speeds of 2400 RPM (120mm) and 2000 RPM (140mm), enabling precise PWM control, delivering powerful cooling and low noise, and boasting an extended lifespan. Each fan also incorporates 34 RGB LEDs, with customizable lighting effects through the iCUE software.

The iCUE LINK system hub allows all devices to be interconnected, supporting connection and control of up to 14 iCUE LINK devices.