CORSAIR released the new DARKSTAR wireless gaming mouse

The reputable company Corsair announces the launch of their DARKSTAR Wireless Gaming Mouse. Corsair avows that this novel gaming mouse exhibits a unique side button configuration, demonstrating outstanding performance across various game types, particularly within Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, granting players the ability to accomplish more tasks.

The DARKSTAR Wireless Gaming Mouse is equipped with Corsair’s MARKSMAN sensor, offering a sensitivity of 26,000 DPI, a maximum acceleration of 50G, and top speeds of 650 IPS. It comes with 15 programmable buttons, including a cluster equipped with six buttons and an optimally positioned side thumb grip, thus maximizing efficiency and control while minimizing strain during extended gaming sessions. The mouse is outfitted with the QUICKSTRIKE button preloading system, enabling consistent rapid clicks with virtually no delay.

This latest gaming mouse supports SLIPSTREAM wireless connection as low as 1ms, Bluetooth connection, and USB connection, providing players with the flexibility to select their preferred connection mode. Notably, the SLIPSTREAM wireless connection is a proprietary technology of Corsair, featuring a polling rate 2000Hz and broad applicability. The accompanying USB receiver can automatically pair, and can simultaneously connect three Corsair devices that are compatible with the SLIPSTREAM low-latency wireless technology (headphones, keyboard, and mouse), bringing convenience for users indulging in the complete Corsair ensemble. Its inbuilt USB-C interface facilitates charging, boasting a battery life of up to 80 hours.

The DARKSTAR Wireless Gaming Mouse supports Corsair’s latest iCUE 5.0 software, allowing players to adjust the RGB lighting, set DPI, allocate macros, map keys, and calibrate surface sensors, among other operations. It also supports the preservation of five onboard configuration profiles. This wireless gaming mouse is currently available on the official website, priced at $169.99.