Noctua launched the NM-DD1 kit

Numerous tech enthusiasts currently indulge in the practice of delidding CPUs, although this significantly reduces CPU height, resulting in a loose fit when existing coolers are mounted. As a specialist in air cooling solutions, Noctua, in collaboration with overclocking expert der8auer, has introduced the NM-DD1 kit, enabling the utilization of a variety of Noctua’s air coolers on delidded AM5 processors.

“Delidding and direct die cooling will void your CPU’s warranty and bear a certain risk of damaging it, so this certainly isn’t for everyone,” explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “However, the performance gains to be had are simply spectacular, typically ranging from 10 to 15°C but in some cases, we’ve even seen improvements of almost 20°C in combination with our offset mounting bars, so we’re confident that this is an attractive option for enthusiast users. Thanks to Roman for teaming up with us in order to enable customers to implement this exciting tuning measure with our CPU coolers!”

Eliminating the CPU lid and facilitating direct contact between liquid metal and the cooler base significantly enhances thermal conductivity. This leads to a CPU temperature reduction of 10 to 15℃, enabling a substantial reduction in fan speed and consequent noise, or the realization of higher frequency enhancements within permissible CPU parameters.

The NM-DD1 kit offers two types of spacers, NM-DDS1 and NM-DDS2, accompanied by corresponding screws. NM-DDS1 is designed for coolers with a two-piece clamping bracket and an 83mm installation distance, while the NM-DDS2 spacer is suitable for coolers with a single-piece clamping bracket and a 78mm installation distance.

The Noctua NM-DD1 kit can adapt to their latest off-set AM5 fasteners, including NM-AMB12, NM-AMB13, NM-AMB14, and NM-AMB15, enabling more focused pressure on the CCD. The use of off-set fasteners can provide an additional temperature reduction of 2℃.

The NM-DD1 kit can be ordered through the Noctua website at a cost of 4.90 Euros. Naturally, other necessities for delidding would need to be arranged by users themselves.