Chromebooks are now capable of mirroring Android apps

Since 2021, Google commenced experimental trials of a mirroring feature, enabling Android apps to operate on Chromebooks, a facility that has now formally materialized with the advent of the Chrome OS M115 update.

This function, however, exclusively supports specific Android phones, encompassing Google’s own Pixel 4a and subsequent models, along with Xiaomi 12T and later iterations. Simultaneously, the phone and the Chromebook must be networked to the same Wi-Fi connection and maintain close proximity for the operation.

The objective of allowing users to run Android apps on their Chromebooks primarily aims to enhance their work efficiency. Facilitating elementary operations such as receiving calls or replying to messages on the Chromebook spares users the inconvenience of continually alternating between their phone and Chromebook, allowing them to concentrate more assiduously on their work.

In addition to incorporating the mirroring feature for running phone apps on Chromebooks, the latest update also introduces a facility to save PDF signatures for future utilization in similar PDF document signings. This update has further enriched keyboard shortcuts and implemented a fresher interface design, complemented by a more streamlined in-app search functionality.